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Our clients depend on us to provide reliable, useful advice and exceptional customer service. Our organizing and move management services meet and exceed their high standards. Here is a sample of what our clients say about our efforts.

“ShipShape to the rescue!”

“Letting go of my Boston storage facility was hard enough after keeping it for over 10 years but “the Deb’s” of ShipShape Organize were extremely professional in helping me make decisions regarding my clutter and teaching me to let go of items I no longer needed.  Having a Professional Organizer was the best investment as I no longer pay for monthly storage fees and I have cleared my life of excess stuff I do not need.  I would highly recommend The Deb’s for your organizing needs.”

Weston, MA

“You ladies are amazing!”

“My husband came home…and he is rarely enthusiastic or effusively complimentary (deep New England roots!) And he kept saying he was amazed. He was so impressed. I must admit I never thought we would get that much done. You are fast, strong, delightful, a whirlwind, and willing to do anything! I can’t tell you how happy I am with yesterday.  I took a video and sent it to my daughter who is an ‘organizer’ fanatic and she couldn’t believe it. It was definitely a pleasure working with you. A tremendous WOW and thank you!”

Ipswich, MA

“works magic!”

“We are so thrilled we hired ShipShape to get us organized.  Georgia is a gem – she works magic in the most insanely disorganized spaces, she’s super efficient and so hardworking. We are both so impressed by her skills and we’ve even managed to have a few laughs! We are hoping you will consider a trip to our Cape Code house for some organizing this Fall!”

Newton, MA

“Calm, competent, compassionate!”

“Deb and Deb, I don’t know where I would have been without you during this period.  Out of my mind would be a good guess. You may be the 2 D’s, but to me you are the 4 C’s – calm, confident, competent, compassionate.  Thank you!!

Stoneham, MA

“Great, friendly attitudes.”

“ShipShape Organize is just what you need when moving. They offer guidance on organizing and packing. They help you make progress much faster and more efficiently. I recommend them for organizing or moving and packing. Great, friendly attitudes. Nice to be around.”

Lisa Lillelund
Manchester, MA

“Nothing short of miraculous”

“You and Elizabeth were nothing short of miraculous today; when Vin and I left, the place was completely unpacked and ready to live in.  I was exhausted just doing what I did, I can’t imagine doing it alone.  The understanding that you showed was a balm to my soul.  Your service was invaluable to us and I could not be happier with the results.”

Reading, MA

“I would tell them to use ShipShape!”

“I cannot recommend them highly enough”

“We both work full time, and with a year and half year old boy, we felt overwhelmed by the prospect of de-cluttering and organizing our home to put on the market.  Enter Deb Stone and Deb Bernier of ShipShape Organize!  Deb and Deb were recommended by a realtor friend of ours to help us get organized.  As a first step, they will discuss the scope and duration of the project.

They both worked tirelessly during the two incredibly hot and humid days they were at our home.  They do the work and leave the decision making to you.  They sort and organize all the “stuff” throughout your house, ask you what you want to keep, give away, or throw away.  Not to worry!  They won’t throw a thing out without your go ahead, nor will they work on any areas or possessions you tell them are off limits.  This removes a lot of the time consuming sentimentality that goes with de-cluttering.  Make no mistake, you are in the driver’s seat, but they do the work, keep things moving, and help you along the way.

In organizing our home from stem to stern and cellar to attic, they also arranged charity services to come pick up clothing, furniture, and other items we wished to give away and organized a dumpster as we needed to throw away some larger items from the basement.  We had boxes and bags we’d never unpacked from our move to this home seven years ago.  They are professional, courteous and hard working.  I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you Debs and ShipShape Organize!”

Matt P.Ipswich, MA

“gave our parents excellent service during downsizing”

“Friendly, supportive, professional – ShipShape Organize gave our parents excellent service during downsizing and packing their treasured belongings and preparation for the sale of their longtime family home to move to a local retirement community. Since we are “long distance children” living out of state, we relied on them to take care of many details.

The “two Debs” understood when to encourage additional sorting and packing, and when to take a break. They handled the actual transport of multiple loads of smaller donated goods to a local charity, and helped arrange for the pick-up of furniture and larger items. Their assistance in setting up the new kitchen on moving day was extremely valuable in getting settled in quickly.

Throughout every phase, they had numerous recommendations and strategies, based on years of experience, to facilitate the actual day of the move. For example, they ensured that kitchen items were packed into the truck last so they could be put into place while the furniture was moved in, used photos to allow precious china to be replaced in the exact same positions in the breakfront, etc. They kept the out-of-state family members informed and reassured. We recommend them highly.”


“ShipShape kept me motivated when I wanted to give up”

“ShipShape helped me get back in order after a recent addition was completed and we needed to move back into our space. Joy! They were easy to work with, kept me motivated when I wanted to give up, and turned a truly daunting task into a fun time with a super outcome. Very trustworthy and reliable. Thanks!”

Lucia L.
Wakefield, MA

“ShipShape exceeded our expectations every step of the way.”

“The Beverly Farms Improvement Society retained ShipShape for the daunting task of sifting and sorting through over 6 decades worth of documents, architectural plans and miscellaneous paraphernalia that had accumulated in a walk-in safe. In what was truly record time, ShipShape quickly and efficiently made order of all, organized, labeled and filed everything from top to bottom condensing the dysfunctional contents of the 6’8′ safe into a few organized boxes of files and air tight containers, all clearly marked and inventoried. They exceeded our expectations every step of the way. We will surely not attempt to organize anything without them in the future! Thank you, ShipShape for a fantastic job!”

Wendy D.
Beverly, MA

“I couldn’t have done it without the Debs.”

“…an enormous pleasure to work with.”

“ShipShape was a tremendous help to me, and I do not know what I would have done without their dedication, organizational prowess and commitment to my triple move.I first hired Deb about a year ago to help me sort through and organize financial files and personal records. This job grew to her organizing my entire office and creating a system so that I could more easily find my things! It was a mess at the beginning…10 years of my own creation. But Deb courageously waded through the “muck” and very quickly determined how to make my desk a place that I actually looked forward to visiting!Later that year, we faced a triple move. We needed to go through the house and pack our belongings to three different places. Once again, her resourcefulness and ingenuity paid off. She worked with the moving and packing company and the relocation was executed with much less stress than if I had done it myself or depended on the moving company to do it all.

ShipShape is professional, appreciates confidentiality, trustworthy and an enormous pleasure to work with. I feel that I could ask them to do most anything related to our home management and they would do it enthusiastically!”

T. M.
Boston, MA

“I feel like I have a new home.”

“ShipShape was incredible! They organized my closet, home office and basement – methodically weeding through years of unneeded and unused clothing and papers as well as all those things I had saved in my basement! I couldn’t have done it without them! I feel like I have a new house!”

Robin E.
Wenham, MA

“You are the best..”

“Moving is stressful enough let alone a relocation overseas. Thank you for all your help and problem solving in making our transition as smooth and painless as possible. You are the Best!”


“You made it so easy..”

“Thanks so much!!! I want to thank you and Deb so much for the wonderful, efficient job ShipShape Organize did for me yesterday. You made it so easy but I know from a year of trying to do what you gals did in such a short time that I was in a rut and incapable of moving forward!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Portsmouth, NH

“I was so impressed with how much they accomplished in the time that we had”

“Thanks to Deb and Deb, I can now park two cars in my garage…Previously there was so much disorganized sports equipment, gardening tools, etc that the space was not serving its actual purpose. Life has a way of being very busy, and somehow it was just not my priority to deal with the garage. So, it was a pleasure to turn the job over to Deb and Deb who came first to discuss the job, timing and budget, and who then came back to get the job done in a very timely and efficient manner. I was so impressed with how much they accomplished in the time that we had agreed upon up front.  Deb and Deb offered many space saving solutions and were quick to sort through things that would be better tossed or donated. I would highly recommend ShipShape Organize! Worth every penny.”

Hamilton, MA

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