Moving & Organizing with ShipShape

We were interviewed by Moira Riccio, a North Shore realtor, and want to share this quick video so you can get to know more about our services.

Prep to Show.

Less is more when getting your house ready to show.  There is nothing wrong with packing up items you don’t need to use within the next month or so. Put neatly stacked boxes in your basement or attic (depending on heat/dampness).  Also, create drop zones so the morning of a showing you can clear your counter tops and put the toaster & paperwork in a closed cabinet.  Do the same for the bathroom counter items.  Keep a shoe box that you throw your hairbrush, toothpaste etc. in to get it out of the way for showings.  


ShipShape packs so we know exactly what came out of each desk drawer and can mark it accordingly.  We also have a few tricks along the way such as marking the lamp shades with the appropriate lamps so you don’t have to wonder what goes with what on the unpacking end.


This is one of our favorite parts of move management!  We get to put everything back in an appropriate spot and make sense of it all.  By the time we leave the boxes will be gone and everything will be in its place.


Just too busy to deal with your house and the “stuff”?  We are the magic behind the scenes making sense of everything. We organize donations, junk haul and even if you don’t want to get rid of anything we set up organization solutions for you so everything has a home.

For more moving tips, see our checklist.