Moving to a Retirement Community

It’s moving day. Moving to a Retirement Community can be tough. Movers are unloading the truck, family or professionals are helping you unpack and get the boxes out of the apartment. Somehow, the boxes seemed to have tripled in volume from your last home and you are questioning where to put everything and how it will all fit! Of course, you are focused on getting from point A to point B, but there are other considerations which will help with your transition.

We tell our clients to leave the door open on move and unpack day. Your neighbors will poke their head in to welcome you and in some cases, ask you to dinner that very night. Keep a piece of paper handy to write names and apartment numbers down because move day will be a blur. Kindly postpone the dinner invite because guaranteed you will be exhausted and will have more energy in a few days. However, don’t just say maybe later in the week, set a date.More