Organize for Home Sale

Unknown-1The other day while standing on the sidelines watching my daughter play lacrosse, a friend asked how the business was going. When I replied, she commented “so people really let you go through their stuff?” My resounding answer was “Yes, why not? They have other priorities. We are in business to help our clients organize their belongings and lives so they can have time to enjoy the activities they actually want to do. Or, to help them prepare for a move or a life transition.”

Recently, many of our clients have been downsizing and need assistance approaching such a daunting task. The thought of moving can stop someone in their tracks with fear of where to even begin. That’s where we come in and help them evaluate their new space and what is realistic to move; what needs to go to family members; be donated; or even thrown away if damaged. Oftentimes, just by sorting “like with like”, one can see if they have 7 pairs of black pants and realistically only need to keep a couple they deem their favorite. The same holds true with many household items from kitchen gadgets to umbrellas, scarves, and winter coats. When one really takes a look at all their belongings grouped together, it is much easier to begin the downsizing process.

Realtors keep saying the housing market is improving and not only is it helpful to have an organizer come in and help you transition, but it is also imperative that you have your house ready for showing. A prospective buyer does not want to open a linen closet to towels and sheets mounted high and toppling over. This leaves a lasting impression that storage is minimal, when in fact, it may be ample and it’s a question of having too many items in the closet in the first place. Organizers can be that helpful, guiding voice that points out the problem areas and help you address them so your house can show in the best light.