Snow Days…a perfect time to organize.

Moving up from label makers...
Moving up from label makers…

It looks like most of us survived the blizzard better than expected, and we were very happy we didn’t lose power! Between shoveling and snow blowing, it was a perfect day to get organized and deal with some household projects. Deb has a really big driveway so she spent a lot of the day behind the snow blower, and I enjoyed catching up on computer work and cleaning up some of my computer files and contact information.  We have often shared tips on organizing, and somehow a snow day is an organizer’s dream because it means life comes to a halt and one actually has time to spend at home with no guilt, no other commitments, and can hopefully tackle some projects.  Here are our top 5 tips:

  1. Refrain from going crazy on Amazon.  The stores are counting on you to sit and buy, buy, buy!  And, if you can’t resist, we did come across the Ebates site which gives you discounts for on-line purchases.  We haven’t tried it out yet, but we did sign up. You might as well save some money if you are spending it!
  2. Go through your paperwork.  A recent NAPO survey found that 29% of Americans consider their home office and den to be the most disorganized room in their home, followed by the master bedroom and kitchen. Tackle those piles of paper clutter.  Spend an hour or two to pay bills and FILE or shred.  While you are at it, start thinking about organizing receipts and paperwork for taxes.  You’ll be amazed at how accomplished you’ll feel and may be inspired to keep going.
  3. If office paperwork is not your nemesis, start some donation piles.  Choose an area in your home that really bothers you, and start de-cluttering.  Call Salvation Army or some other charitable organization and schedule a pick-up.  We like Salvation Army because unlike others, they don’t require you to leave items curbside.  However, most of the donation companies need advance notice so get on their list now.
  4. Yes, of course the shoveling and snow blowing are a necessary evil waiting for you.  Just think of it as good exercise.
  5. Enjoy the change of pace and take a nap!