Decluttering Increases Home Value

Is your house filled with “stuff”?  

There are lots of words for it, some good and some not….belongings, possessions, paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and as one of my clients said “C” “R” “A” “P” – I was not expecting to hear that out of a very polite woman’s mouth!  However, she is on to something and decluttering increases your home value.

Imagine what your entryway closet looks like today.  Is it filled with your coats, hats, mittens, some cleaning supplies, lightbulbs (because you can’t find anywhere else to put them), dog items and a few other odds and ends that just get dumped there?  Now, imagine your entryway closet with the coats you actually love and wear, a nice basket with your winter gloves, a matching basket for hats, and a shoe shelf underneath using what used to be wasted space.  Everything hung neatly, and maybe I will go so far as jackets are zipped and hanging in the same direction. The two closets leave very different impressions.

Declutter is one of those words you may dread hearing.  

Yet, realtors often advise their clients to do just that. Overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? Too big of a task? Yes maybe, but by changing your mindset you will see there is an upside of decluttering. And, if you can sell your house for more, then that really changes things!

“Clutter Eats Cash”

Clutter, personal belongings, photos, and tchotchkes that decorate your home and make it feel special to you get in the way when a prospective buyer is looking. They may view it as that lovely word my polite woman client uttered.

Potential buyers feel entitled, and will often open every kitchen cabinet, closet, laundry area, and any built-in. Stuffed closets scream lack of storage. You want these areas to be decluttered so they look spacious and organized and your house has a calm, orderly feel to it.

Clutter is distracting and makes a negative impression.  

Why pay to move items you may no longer want or need.  

The time to review your belongings is now, and you will save money on the move, as well as the stress of finding a home for everything you may not need in your new place.

Don’t think of decluttering because someone told you to, but do it as a gift to yourself!  

After even tackling a small area, you will feel lighter and less stressed.  Clutter causes stress and the less we have of it the better. Oftentimes, I receive emails from people after I have worked with them for a morning, and they tell me that they kept going because they were so motivated, and it provided such a sense of instant gratification.   Yes, it feels like a daunting task preparing your home for sale, but it actually can be quite cathartic. The decision making process becomes so much easier as you go along. I promise!

You want potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home, not as an intruder in yours. Showcasing your home in it’s best light will have great rewards in the end, from a lucrative and personal perspective.