Organizing Tip #4



Ask yourself before you purchase an item, “Do I really need it?”  If one thing comes in, two things should go out.

Some of our clients are overwhelmed by the amount of “things” they have around their home and find that they don’t have enough storage space.  Maybe the tchotchke you loved in the store may now be collecting dust and hidden away on a shelf or sitting in a box in your basement.  Or, the shirt you loved in the store doesn’t seem to quite work with any of your clothes and has yet to be worn.  If you walk out of the store and tell yourself you will go back and purchase an item later if you find you really want it, you’ll be amazed at how little you actually buy. Don’t let temptation take over and as one of our clients always says, “I now ask myself would the Deb’s want me to buy this?  I usually walk out of the store saying, no they would not want me to buy another thing I don’t need.”More