Organizing a Child’s Room

Just finished organizing a child’s room and want to share some tips!

  • First of all, involve your child.  Yes, it may take longer and yes, you could eliminate a lot of whining by doing it yourself. However, as parents, our role is to teach our children and consider their room as a teaching moment.  Have clear expectations and make clean up a routine.
  • Ask them what is working and what isn’t?  View their room from their perspective.  Can they reach everything they need to?  For example, are their clothes hung low in the closet on smaller hangers?  Are they frustrated that they can’t find all the pieces to a toy or keep forgetting their homework? Or, that they can’t open a sticky bureau drawer?  Think of this as an opportunity for you to come up with solutions to make their life easier and less stressful.  If they are involved with the process, they will learn techniques, feel like they contributed and chances are they will take more pride in keeping it organized.
  • Think containers, toy bins, etc. Even small clear shoe boxes to corral small pieces and keep toys contained.  And, remember the labels!
  • Keep a laundry hamper in your child’s room.  Depending on the age, if it has a basketball net on it or something similar, it will be fun to toss their dirty shirt in.