Organizing Bags and Pocketbooks

TCS #2
Professional Organizers at The Container Store

When organizing your bags, first categorize them by color. Color is typically the first criteria when choosing which bag to use, after that you can sort by smaller clutches, pocketbooks that are better suited to daytime use vs. pocketbooks that are more suitable for evening events, and finally your more casual tote bags. Of course, there are lots of organizing tools for handbags.  Given we are not fans of the plastic look, we found the linen bins from The Container Store to be useful for storing smaller clutches.  You can turn them to hide the bags with the taller end facing out and there is a spot for a label, or you can turn the bins so you can visually see the bags.  They look elegant and are functional.  We placed the bins on the floor so the client could easily see some of the smaller clutches.  The bigger bags were placed on the top shelf of the closet and clear shelf dividers were used to separate the bags and keep them from falling down.  More