Give the Gift of Experience

With the holiday season upon us, and the joy of gift giving (and receiving), give the gift of an experience.

The memories experiences provide.

I recall some of the experiences I have received as gifts. The cross-country train trip when I was in 8th grade; the show my parents took my future in-laws and us to after we announced our engagement; the Rockettes performance I took my children to since my mother had told stories of her going with her parents in NY; the now annual dinner out in Boston with our children once they are all home for the holidays. I can even tell you who I sat next to and specifics of each event. The gift of the experience lasts long after the event. The memories bring joy.

There is a reason why many say their photographs are their most treasured belonging – it’s because that picture sparks a memory about an event. It’s all perfectly captured in one photo. The ski trips, the school plays, the camping trips – the experiences.

The social aspect of an experience.

We’ve all heard that social interactions have an impact on longevity so be involved in the gift. Give your family members tickets to a show with you!