Top 5 excuses that get in the way of de-cluttering!

There are a lot of challenges when it comes to de-cluttering and many excuses for not taking on the task.


By far, one of the biggest hurdles, is the gift. We all have them lingering around our homes!  The gift that a grandchild made you, a neighbor gave you for your 50th, a wedding gift that your great aunt gave you but you’ve never used…The list goes on and on.  You know, the fondue pot that was a wedding present?  Or, the plate that came with a special pencil to write your memories on?  It’s important to remember the intention of the gift. It was given to you in hopes that you would appreciate it and use it. If it sits in a cabinet taking up valuable space or wrapped in a box in the attic, give yourself permission to let it go.  That was not the intention of the gift.


Yes, we acknowledge that time is valuable but like anything else you need to make the time.  Just like making time to exercise, make organizing a priority in your busy schedule. Set a designated time slot and tell your family that you are not to be interrupted. If you really want to achieve results, we recommend a 3 hour window. Of course, there are the quick fixes you can do in ten minutes, but to tackle a closet or room or category, you need a lot more time and it will get worse before it gets better.  You don’t want to be left with piles on the floor that you’ve pulled out but haven’t had time to organize.


I can’t tell you how often we hear this.  This holds especially true for kitchen items and clothing.  The bean cooker…really?  Be realistic, if you haven’t used the pizza stone for your grill yet, you won’t miss it.  Have you been a size 8 for three years now, but are still holding onto the size 4 pants?


Put past price aside. To judge worthiness, you must ask yourself do I love it and does this item bring me joy? Don’t think about price.


Recognize you got a great deal and had that sense of thrill when purchasing the particular item. If you use it and enjoy it, great. If not, let it go regardless of the deal.