Getting rid of your clutter: where to take your electronics

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As you probably know many towns offer electronics recycling on certain days and more often than not, charge a fee.  It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday last weekend, and taking my old t.v. and two computer screens to town hall were the last thing I wanted to do, but they had been sitting in my basement way too long.  Yes, professional organizers do have a few clutter items as well!  I took the trek an entire mile to town hall and was told the charge was $15 per item.  After trying to save my clients money by taking items to consignment stores, or recycling places that don’t charge, I had to ask myself why I wasn’t doing the same for myself.  I turned around and headed to Best Buy.  I can’t tell you how easy it was to walk through the door, be greeted by a gentleman standing in the front who asked if I was looking to recycle as I was carrying a heavy 20″ t.v. in my arms, and told me to just place it against the wall in the front of the store.  Yes, I am frugal, and yes, I did just save $45.  It was worth the effort of a slightly longer drive.  Try it out and let me know what your experience is so we can see if it was as easy as mine!


Note: Best Buy allows you 3 items per day/household.