Is it a collection or clutter?



Ask yourself  “Is it truly a collection, or is it clutter?”  We have lots of clients that have various collections.  The range is wide:  from Royal Doulton figurines and china tea cups that may have been passed down in the family or a collection as simple as stones or sea glass that they have picked up from various strolls along the beach.  Collections are to be displayed and enjoyed.   When I think of a collection it is something that brings a smile to your face when you look at it and of course, there is a story behind where you purchased or found each item.  Collections are to be treasured.  Conversely, there are also items that in my view do not fit into the same category.  For example, your children’s artwork that has been collected for the past 10 years and now takes up 5 boxes or multiple shelves in a closet. Or, the 40 vases that sit behind a closet door.  Or, how about the china that is boxed away in your attic and not being used?  If you are not displaying your collection, then ask yourself why.  Is it a collection that brings you joy or can it be categorized as something else – maybe it is on its way to becoming clutter and needs to be evaluated so you save a few prized pieces.