Professional Organizers of the North Shore Offer These Tips

images-3January is known for many things: short days, cold nights, slippery roads and often broken New Year’s resolutions – how depressing! There’s always another side, maybe January is a time to accomplish indoor tasks, get cozy by a fire, bake cookies and avoid going out in a snowstorm, and get to those New Year’s Resolutions. When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, set yourself up for success. Sometimes the old adages are the best: baby steps, achievable goals, start small, one thing at a time, stay focused and you can do anything. If your goal has come and gone, try re-evaluating and set a new one. When it comes to organizing, we thought we’d share some words that we can’t attribute to one person specifically as most organizers preach the following. We will list all 10 Tips this week and delve into each one more thoroughly throughout this month and next.

1) Stay focused on the task at hand.
If your goal is to organize your kitchen, and you find a vase that you want to store in the attic, just put it aside for the time being. Many people might make the mistake of going to the attic and then becoming distracted with another project once they are there. Check out our blog on Page 3, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.