Closet Design and Organization


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Tips on Designing a Closet

Given that we are working with so many customers to design new closets, I want to share a few things to consider:

    • Upper shelves should be less deep than lower shelves so you can access items above the doorway
    • Ventilated upper shelves are a great way to still have light and keep the closet from feeling so closed in
    • Consider liners if using ventilated shelving so your sweaters don’t have wrinkles
    • Drawers below are better than fixed shelves for easy visual access to items (of course, fixed shelves or gliding shoe racks are best for shoe storage)
    • Gliding shoe racks are a space saver if your door opening allows
    • Consider jewelry trays at mid-level
    • Tie racks and belt racks are a must have for most
    • Consider a valet rod if you like to pull some items out and consider what you are wearing ahead of time. They are also a great spot to hang your dry cleaning while you put items away in the correct spot
    • Full extension drawers allow you to see those items that may be tucked away in the back
    • Be sure to have your deeper drawers on the bottom and shallow underwear drawers above
    • Consider the height of the user and what will be accessible
    • While pull-out pant racks are an organizers dream, they also may not be as efficient as hangers if space is an issue
    • An ideal short hang space is about 40” – 42”