Questions to ask your Moving Company

Choosing a Moving Company

If you are in the middle of planning a move, it is essential to obtain multiple quotes (typically 3) and get your list of questions ready for interviewing moving companies.

To select a reputable company, see if you can get some referrals from friends. Ask around….and check with the Better Business Bureau.

Ask a moving consultant to come to your home to actually see the items you have so a thoughtful quote is provided. Be sure to have a list ready of items that are not going with you so they aren’t included in the quote.

Be sure they don’t subcontract jobs.

Discuss insurance with moving company. You can purchase additional insurance above the .60 per pound which they offer. If you have a $2,000 piece of art that is damaged and only weighs 4 pounds, the $2.40 you would receive would be a hard one to swallow.

Call your Homeowner’s Insurance Agent to see if your goods are covered in transit

Some offer weekday vs. weekend rates or end of month vs. mid-month. If you have flexibility, move mid-week and typically mid-month.

Ask them if they quote by box or by hour.

You can save money by purchasing boxes on your own.

Will they need to hire a 3rd party for large items such as your piano.

Do they hire temps or are all their employees full-time?

Are they insured and bonded?

Travel charges. When does the clock start and stop?

How do they want you to deal with the file cabinets and bureaus? Some movers allow you to leave papers in the bottom drawers of a filing cabinet.

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