Black Friday – Beware!

Black Friday

Black Friday…is it a curse because you buy more things you really don’t need or is it the best deal around? It’s both and purely depends on how you shop. If you find yourself, as we all do at times, shopping without a plan and walking out of Target with 20 items when you went in to purchase one, then that’s a curse….If you have thought about what you would like to purchase ahead of time, then the savings can be well worth a trip to the store or a trip to your computer for some on-line shopping. Try using the notes section of your smart phone to make lists of what you would like to purchase. Think about what someone would truly like, use and enjoy. ┬áJust the other day, my daughter complained that we had no travel coffee mugs – wonder where all those went? Probably if she searched under the seats of the 1999 suburban, she might find a few old coffee mugs with goodness knows what inside. Anyways, it prompted me to think that a few travel mugs should be on her list. My dishwasher hasn’t been up to par and that is a great item to buy when on sale so I may just be getting myself an early holiday present. Do your research, plan your list, stick to your goals and purchase wisely.

Ask yourself:

“Do I really need this?”

“Was it on my list?”

“Do I love the price or the item?”

Beware of the sales and be scrupulous and discerning.