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Unpacking Services


Need help unpacking?

After a long, overwhelming move and all the stress that is associated with moving, we are told by clients that it is one of their best decisions to have our help unpacking.  We recreate spaces as much as possible so your china is back in the china cabinet as it was in your past home.  It makes it feel like home when your belongings are where they once were.  We will pick up where the movers leave off.  Our team will:

  • manage the movers for accurate furniture placement
  • unpack boxes
  • make your bed so you have a place to sleep the first night
  • set up your kitchen so you can make yourself breakfast
  • consult with you on future purchases to make your spaces more efficient
  • arrange for trash pick-up if necessary

We take some of the stress out of your move and help ease the transition.  Clients appreciate our non-judgmental, caring attitude and our ability to know just what is needed at the right time.  They settle in quickly and appreciate our solutions to sometimes challenging space restrictions.

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Deb Stone 978.314.6410