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Home Office Organizing

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Are you drowning in paper?

Is your home office getting the better of you?  Is your desk piled with folders and paperwork or are there piles of papers on the floor just waiting to be filed? Are you incurring late fees on credit card payments? Missing deadlines?

According to a NAPO survey, 29% of Americans consider their home office and den to be the most disorganized room in their home.  Let ShipShape Organize weed through your paperwork piles and create a system so you can easily put your hands on paperwork when needed and it is out of sight when not needed!  Are you a “piler” where you are afraid if a piece of paper is in a drawer, it might be neglected? We will help you identify how to keep the documents you need readily accessible.  We will organize your desk, files, and bookshelves so you can quickly access your information.

ShipShape offers home office and small business office organizing services so you stop drowning in paper.

Let our team help you. Call or contact us for your free ½ hour phone consultation. Deb Stone 978.314.6410