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Garage Organization

garage organizing

Are you one of the 32% of Americans who have so much in their garage that their car doesn’t have a home? Garages are the one place where oftentimes people don’t have the correct wall hanging solutions or shelving to help organize items efficiently.  A garage is also the dumping ground – from shopping returns to kids camp backpacks that have yet to be emptied.  As with every room, it needs to be constantly maintained but you need the right solutions to make your life easier – from open shelving to drawers for gardening tools and hooks for hanging hoses.  We help develop a garage organizational plan to maximize your space while at the same time find a home for the 6th and 7th rake or snow shovel you may be holding onto just in case your whole family wants to pitch in!  Once everything has a home, your job to maintain it becomes much more simple.

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