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Attic and Basement Organizing

Need help with attic or basement organizing? Do you know there is too much “stuff” in your attic or basement yet the prospect of going through it all is daunting? We can help organize Christmas decorations to books and toys that are worth saving to pass down to future generations, and help you determine what should be donated to local charities or given to friends. The 80/20 rule applies to a lot of our belongings, and although the task is not easy, clients find that by dealing with the clutter their lives are less stressful.

We will gently guide you through the process, and while we do so, we’ll arrange for donation and/or junk haul pick-ups or take items away in our cars if appropriate.  We will work with you to determine what additional storage solutions, if any, would be helpful to purchase. We see a project through from beginning to end so you can find your belongings and be left without the chaos that the clutter has caused.

Call or contact us for your free ½ hour phone consultation.

Deb Stone 978.314.6410