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FAQ (1)

Here are some FAQs clients ask when searching for a Professional Organizer or Move Manager and how ShipShape can assist you. Our clients range from busy stay-at-home parents to working couples, as well as, seniors. Contact us so we can discuss your needs during your free 1/2 hour consultation.

  • Many of our clients feel they can do the job themselves but never take the time needed to get the project done resulting in clutter piling up, important belongings being misplaced and stress taking over. By giving you a jump start and providing tools needed to get your space in order, we will get you motivated to get the job done. As anything in life we “make time” to do the projects or activities we want to do and leave the less attractive projects for another day. Most of us are capable of cutting grass, mulching gardens and even painting basements, but we choose not to and hire a professional to complete these tasks. ShipShape Organize will give you the tools, motivation, and hands-on assistance to make your space more efficient.

Let our team help you.

Call or contact us for your free ½ hour phone consultation.

Deb Stone 978.314.6410.